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Birthdate:Nov 13
Location:Ontario, Canada
Name: Faolain (or Fao). It's not my real name but it's the name I prefer.
Age: 24 years old (November 13)
Zodiac: Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising
Race: White & Mi'kmaq
Religion: Goddess-exclusive paganism, with no particular branch. Devotee of Freyja.
Occupation: Freelance artist, kitchen witch, homesteader, urban farmer.
Orientation: Lesbian. Gay. Lesbionic. Sapphic. 100%.
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
Hometown: Piccadilly, Newfoundland, Canada

My journal is FRIENDS ONLY! Please comment in the public post to be granted access, and then you'll have access to the lovely About Me post!

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